Mercury Rise Self Defense TPE Rubber Steel Ball Ammo for Training Pistol Paintball Gun (10 Counts Per Tube)

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🥇Warning: For Self-Defense Only. The use of TPE80 Rubber Steel Ball projectiles is for self-defense only. The contents are dangerous - use with care.

🥇TPE80 Rubber Steel Balls are designed for non-lethal use against intruders or attackers.

🥇Only TPE80 Rubber Steel Ball Included.

🥇As you can see in the video, the TPR80 rubber balls are harder than the TPE80 rubber balls. We mentioned the difference in hardness because harder rubber balls can ricochet more strongly when they hit a hard surface. This could lead to accidental injuries for shooters or others.

🥇For safety reasons, we currently only sell TPE80 rubber balls in the USA. These balls are less prone to ricocheting and are much safer than TPR80 rubber balls. However, we do manufacture both TPR80 and TPE80 rubber balls.

🥇Since TPE80 rubber balls can become sticky under certain working temperatures and moisture conditions. To avoid this, we recommend applying a little bit of silicone fluid (with about Kinetic/Kinematic Viscosity of 1000 Centistokes) on TPE80 rubber balls if you plan to shoot them repeatedly in a short amount of time.