Mercury Rise MUB .50 Caliber Non Blowback Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker

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paint   🥇Under Barrel Magazine Loading Design 🥇Max. Capacity of 6-rounds magazine 🥇Velocity Adjuster From 250 To 40...


Product Specification


How to operate a MUB50 pistol?

Before using MUB50 pistol please kindly allow us to remind that there are two mechanisms you should know. 

Firstly, please DON’T force the magazine all the way into the compartment without setting the safety ON. If you forgot to push the safety ON before ejecting or inserting the magazine into the pistol and you forced the magazine all the way into the compartment, that will break the lever and cause a PERMANENT DAMAGE to the pistol.

 Secondly, please make sure you DON’T push the magazine
release button before using up all ammos. If you have accidentally pushed the magazine release button before using up all ammos, please follow the steps in this video ( to get the leftover ammos from the pistol.

Please watch our tutorial video on YouTube.

Compatible Ammunition

Shoots .50 Caliber spherical projectiles. Example: .50 Caliber Pepper Balls ,Powder Balls ,Rubber Balls ,Rubber Steel Balls.

Maintenance & Storage

  • Dripping a little bit of paintball marker oil lube (silicone based) on the outlet of CO2 cartridge
    and using this anointed CO2 cartridge in the pistol grip after every 30~50 rounds you shot with unanointed cartridges.

  • Before storing the pistol, remove the CO2 cartridge from the pistol whether you have pierced it or not.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Do not expose to sunlight.

  • Store in a well-ventilated place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Just got mine and so far I have nothing bad to say about the power, it does deliver a punch and very easy to handle for it's lighter . Some things that I don't like is that when shooting less that six shot, I can't just release the magazine for it will gets stuck and have to use something to release it fully. The magazine is plastic and will surely not last long, time will tell.
Lastly , the feel of the unit is somekind of cheap compared to my other self-defence guns but, for the price-it's ok.
This is my honest and fair review and this unit will be added to my collection of Less Lehtal Home Defence handguns.


Great pistol


Perfect for CC

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